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Image of Warren Ellis' Frankenstein's Womb

Warren Ellis' Frankenstein's Womb


1816 was called "The Year Without A Summer" In the weird darkness of that July&39;s volcanic winter Mary Wolfestonecraft Godwin began writing Frankenstein on the shore of Lake Geneva in Switzerland But that is not where Frankenstein began It began a few months earlier when en route through Germany to Switzerland Mary her future husband Percy Shelley and her stepsister Clair Clairmont approached a strange castle Castle Frankenstein some one hundred years earlier had been home to Johann Conrad Dippel whose experiments included the independent invention of nitroglycerin a distillation of the elixir of life — and the transfer of a live soul into an awful accretion of human body parts! Mary never spoke of having entered the real Castle Frankenstein stark on its hilltop south of Darmstadt But she did And she was never the same again — because something was haunting that tower and Mary met it there Fear death and alchemy — the modern age is created here in lost moments in a ruined castle on a day never recorded Meet the Author Warren Ellis is the award-winning British author of comic books novels and television most often recognized for his sociocultural commentary and ground-breaking work in the genre of science fiction His most recognizable works include Transmetropolitan Planetary and The Authority He maintains a consistent online presence which includes the weekly delivery of the FREAKANGELS web comic to millions of fans Ellis has published over 25 different creator-owned projects through Avatar Press (including BLACK SUMMER IGNITION CITY and GRAVEL the last of which is in development as a film through Legendary Pictures) with many more planned

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Image of Warren Ellis' Frankenstein's Womb by Warren Ellis 9781592910595



Image of Warren Ellis' Frankenstein's Womb Brand New



Image of Warren Ellis' Frankenstein's Womb



Image of Warren Ellis' Frankenstein's Womb



Warren Ellis' Frankenstein's Womb

Warren Ellis Frankensteins. Avatar Press.

Image of Warren Ellis' Frankenstein's Womb


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Image of Warren Ellis' Frankenstein's Womb: Written by Warren Ellis, 2009 Edition, Publisher: Avatar Press [Paperback]



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